Employment Law and Litigation

Disputes between executives and their employers can arise before, during, or at the end of the employment relationship. These disputes can involve millions of dollars. They can endanger a business’s prospects and trade secrets, and can even put a company’s or an executive’s reputation at risk.

We have represented companies in numerous disputes involving allegations of discrimination, harassment, breaches of contract, and thefts of trade secrets. We have litigated on behalf of executives who were denied benefits they were owed, and we have won multiple million-dollar-plus verdicts on behalf of those employees. We have also represented companies and executives in negotiating employment and severance agreements, helping to resolve disputes before they result in litigation. 

Executive termination and benefits

When a company terminates an executive, disputes often arise over severance pay, bonuses, stock options, equity awards, and other forms of compensation and benefits. These disputes can also involve claims of discrimination, harassment, or unfair dealing.

We have extensive experience negotiating on behalf of executives and employers, both at the end and the beginning of the employment relationship. Importantly, we actively work with our clients to take the most practical and cost-efficient route that will maximize their desired results. This includes the use of arbitration or mediation, two avenues in which we continue to deliver best-case-scenario outcomes for our clients. When necessary, we resolve disputes through litigation, and we have handled a number of these disputes through trial and appeal.


We have deep experience in white collar defense and investigations, and we rely on this experience to conduct effective investigations of whistleblower claims and allegations of employee wrongdoing. We understand how to analyze a company’s culture and compliance climate to help make recommendations for change and prevent future wrongdoing.

Non-compete and indemnification agreements

We also help clients develop and evaluate non-compete and indemnification agreements. When disputes arise over these agreements, our litigation experience is invaluable in helping our clients understand their options for resolution and choose a course of action.

We have successfully litigated in the Delaware Chancery Court—the preeminent forum for disputes pertaining to the internal affairs of corporations and business entities—obtaining several court rulings directing employers to advance defense costs to employees who were cut off from funding when they needed it most.

Trade secrets

Theft of trade secrets can threaten the core of a business, particularly if the business produces or relies heavily on IP assets. The stakes can be massive.

We have represented executives and employers in numerous trade secrets disputes throughout the United States. These disputes often require immediate action to safeguard an employer’s property. When companies or employees are falsely accused of taking trade secrets, we defend them vigorously.