ZS Ethics Seminar: Ethics and Pro Bono Representations

On April 28, 2009, Thomas B. Mason and Caroline E. Reynolds presented  "Ethics Issues and Pro Bono Representations," as part of Zuckerman Spaeder LLP's ongoing Ethics Seminar Series. The presentation addressed issues such as:

  • Threshold Questions: Who is the Client? What is the Scope of Representation?
  • Communicating the Terms of Representation
  • Confidentiality and Interested Non Client
  • Multiple Clients
  • Conflicts and Waivers
  • Relationship with Referring Organization Bar Admission Issues
  • Duties of Competence & Diligence
  • Client Decision Making Authority
  • Communication: Obligation to Keep Client Informed
  • Expenses
  • Conflicts
  • Termination of the Representation


Thomas B. Mason
Caroline E. Reynolds

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