Zuckerman Spaeder LLP's Morris “Sandy” Weinberg Jr. Scores Successful Resolution for Rapper "TI"

Morris “Sandy” Weinberg Jr. scored a successful resolution of a probation violation proceeding that threatened the freedom of Atlantic Records' superstar, rapper Clifford ("TI") Harris. Harris, a young twenty five year old recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia, had been arrested for allegedly violating, for a second time, probation that he was serving for a 2003 charge of battery on a law enforcement officer in Tampa. When he had previously been sentenced for violating his probation in March of 2005, the Circuit Court Judge had warned him that he would have no hesitation placing him in prison if he violated his probation again. In fact, under these circumstances, the Florida sentencing guidelines mandated a state prison sanction.

On Wednesday, May 10th, 2006, Harris was arrested for allegedly violating his probation by failing to perform the additional community service that resulted from the violation in March of 2005. He was required to appear before the same Florida circuit court judge that had previously sentenced and warned him in March of last year. Weinberg was retained Thursday afternoon to represent "TI" at the Monday hearing. Within that short period of time Mr. Weinberg was able to convince the Court that the violation was a result of a misunderstanding between the Florida probation department, where he was originally placed on probation, and the Georgia probation department, which supervised "TI"'s probation. Not only was "TI" under the impression, we argued, based upon information that he had received from the Georgia probation department, that he had completed his probation, but he had also voluntarily engaged in activities, such as Hurricane Katrina relief and Make A Wish Foundation events for which he, legitimately, could have received community service hours far in excess of those that he had allegedly failed to complete. With television cameras rolling and representatives from Atlantic records in attendance, the court not only withdrew the warrant and dismissed the probation violation, but agreed to terminate the client's probation entirely.

Based upon this ruling secured by Sandy Weinberg, "TI" is now able to resume concerts and appearances, free of court supervision around the country, and continue his world tour as previously scheduled.

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